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A stained and dull smile is one of the top cosmetic complaints among patients. As we age and as our teeth are exposed to dark foods and beverages like berries and coffee, our teeth can lose their beautiful white appearance. Moreover, permanent stains are difficult to remove once they form and many patients express frustration over the ineffectiveness of over the counter whitening treatments. Our cosmetic dentist offers a safe and effective solution to improve dull and discolored smiles by utilizing KöR whitening treatments. Following are some answers to common questions about teeth whitening.

Why don’t over the counter products work?

Many folks feel disappointed by store bought whitening strips and toothpastes. These products do not contain the potency needed to lift deep, permanent stains. Instead, store bought products only contain small amounts of whitening agents in their formulas and sometimes contain harsh abrasives that can damage tooth enamel with prolonged used.

Why should I choose professional whitening?

We encourage patients to choose professional teeth whitening services so that they get the most out of their time and money. Professional whitening is effective; in fact, professional treatments dramatically lighten and brighten the color of teeth. The KöR whitening system utilizes prescription-strength bleaching gels that are strong enough to penetrate the enamel surface of teeth to lift stains that form in the dentin layer of teeth. Moreover, the whitening treatments we use will not damage tooth enamel or cause prolonged tooth sensitivity.

What makes KöR whitening different?

KöR whitening utilizes advanced technology to ensure that the potency of bleaching agents is not diluted by contaminants or saliva. This is done by using oral trays that keep saliva and sulcular fluid from diluting or destroying the whitening gel as well as keeping whitening solutions refrigerated for maximum effectiveness. The chemical makeup of KöR’s bleaching solution is unique and proprietary. This technology allows our cosmetic dentist to provide consistent, predictable, and safe results to our patients.

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