Professionals at Anderson Dentistry can help if you suffer from TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder), a disorder which can result in tremendous muscle or joint pain and headaches. The Temporomandibular joint is the joint that connects your mandible (jaw) to your skull. Pain is usually centered in those muscles than control the movement of the jaw or the joint itself and can make both speaking and chewing food a painful endeavor, or cause migraines.

Please contact us if you feel you are suffering from facial pain. Other types of TMD may involve a jaw that has been dislocated or injured from an accident as well as arthritis. Causes of TMD include stress, grinding teeth, improper bite relationships, as well as teeth that are in an abnormal state. Some of the signs may include pain that radiates not only in the jaw, but in your face and neck as well; stiffness; lock jaw or the inability to move your jaw; clicking when you open your mouth, and significant changes in the way your upper and lower teeth fit together.