Stained teeth can seriously detract from an otherwise picture-perfect smile, and Bedford patients often turn to professional teeth whitening when faced with this issue.

Your teeth can be discolored by any number of factors. Residue from coffee, tea or red wine consumption can be absorbed by the enamel, and smoking is another culprit for tarnishing the teeth. Certain medications, particularly tetracycline antibiotics, can also leave permanent blemishes on the teeth that may be difficult to erase.

When these stains are particularly deep or entrenched, you will need to turn to a dental professional for help.

The teeth whitening gels you receive from a cosmetic dentist are stronger than those available in over-the-counter kits. The bleaching agent, a form of peroxide, is far more concentrated in prescription strength gels in comparison to OTC teeth whitening products.

The peroxide permeates the enamel and oxidizes the molecules that are causing the stains. So, when a higher concentration of peroxide is present in the gel, more oxidation of the stain molecules can take place.

As a result, professional teeth whitening treatments are far more effective, particularly when it comes to eliminating tough, enduring stains. Over-the-counter products simply don’t work as well for this purpose.

Your cosmetic dentist will be familiar with the teeth whitening options available to you. Before embarking on this process, have your cosmetic dentist complete a thorough evaluation of your case, including an assessment of your dental and medical history, to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment.

After your initial teeth whitening treatment, you may choose to come back to the dental office before a big event or even periodically for routine touch-ups. You may also be able to use custom-designed trays at home for this same purpose.

Although those tooth whitening products available in your local drugstore are rarely sufficient to achieve a patient’s desired results on their own, some of them can be useful in maintaining whiter and brighter teeth in between your visits to the dentist. Ask your cosmetic dentist for recommendations for products to use in your daily oral hygiene routine.

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