Most patients who are interested in using orthodontics to correct the position and alignment of the teeth can be considered as candidates for Invisalign®. Adults and teens who are equally interested in a discreet and low-profile alternative to traditional braces may be particularly interested in Invisalign®.

By providing a clear and virtually invisible alternative to traditional brackets and wires, your cosmetic dentist can help you to gracefully achieve your ideal smile. A series of clear, customized aligners are used to gently position your teeth into alignment without impacting your outward appearance.

Though the outward appearance may be a popular advantage for Invisalign® candidates, there are a number of functional advantages as well. The aligners can be removed for eating and drinking as well as brushing and flossing. This means that there are no restrictions for eating and your oral hygiene can be properly maintained.

There are also no sharp edges, rubber bands, or metal bands to irritate your tongue, lips, and cheeks. Essentially, your dentist can use Invisalign® technology to make your orthodontic experience much smoother and more comfortable.

It is easy to recognize the many ways in which Invisalign® technology is vastly different than traditional orthodontic methods. Still, you can be assured that many of the same orthodontic conditions can be successfully addressed:

  • Overbite/Overjet (When the top teeth excessively overlap the bottom teeth, or when the top teeth stick out too far forward in relation to the lower teeth).
  • Crowded or crooked teeth
  • Gaps and spaces between the teeth
  • Crossbite (When the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth)

Other likely candidates for Invisalign® include those teens and adults who have already undergone traditional orthodontics. Without an adequate retainer, it is common for the teeth to shift apart or crowd together again. Invisalign® is often used to retreat limited areas in order to regain proper positioning without the need for inconvenient brackets and wires.

Real Invisalign Teen Testimonial: Nicole
Real Invisalign Teen Testimonial: Christopher
Real Invisalign Teen Testimonial: Lauren
Real Invisalign Teen Testimonial: Brian

We now offer Propel Orthodontics. Commonly called “Fast Invisalign”, Propel Orthodontics can help with accelerating orthodontic treatment. Learn more from the video below or visit to learn more.

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