Brush and floss

Brushing teeth twice daily helps prevent plaque from building up on teeth. Plaque starts out as a sticky substance, but over a period of hours can harden. Once it has hardened on teeth, you can no longer remove it with your tooth brush. A visit to your dental office will be needed.

Daily flossing removes food debris between teeth and at the gum line that your tooth brush failed to reach. The flossing action also stimulates gum tissue. This stimulation can be important in preventing the onset of gum disease, a condition that can have serious consequences such as gum recession, periodontal disease, and tooth loss.

Dental floss comes in many different styles … waxed or plain, thick or thin, flavored or plain; you can buy floss in small containers or floss with tooth picks on the other end. Your dentist can demonstrate the correct way to floss your teeth; using floss daily enhances dental health.

Daily flossing and brushing are your own personal weapons to fight dental decay

There is a difference between “clean” teeth and “white” teeth. White teeth are aesthetically pleasing for your smile; clean teeth are more important to your dental health. You can have bright, shining teeth … but if your gums bleed, you have bad breath, are experiencing receding gums, or teeth feel loose … your dental health is in jeopardy.

Daily flossing and brushing are your own personal weapons to fight dental decay

Daily flossing and brushing are your own personal weapons to fight dental decay; decay occurs when bacteria breaches dental enamel resulting in a cavity. Failure to catch decay in its earliest stages can mean a large dental filling. For excessive decay, the patient might be faced with the need for a restoration like a crown to save their tooth.

In addition to daily brushing and flossing, consistent appointments with your dentist every six months for the type of cleaning you can’t do on your own is important on several fronts … teeth are cleaned removing any plaque that has formed since the previous visit; any potential problems can be addressed before they have a chance to escalate; and you benefit by having stain removed allowing teeth to look their best.

Even patients that are diligent about their daily oral care routine can run into a dental problem; know your dental health and recognize when you need to consult your dental office for needed care.

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