Look Carefully at Dry Mouth: Causes and Treatment

Posted by Colleyville Dentist on July 6, 2016 in Dentist
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Xerostomia, commonly called “dry mouth”, is a common symptom that affects many people and can have varying effects on oral health. The causes of dry mouth do vary as well. If you suffer with dry mouth on a consistent basis, we recommend that you bring this up with our dentist at your next appointment. During your appointment, we might inquire about lifestyle habits and which medications and supplements you take to help narrow down the underlying cause of dry mouth. In many cases, xerostomia is exacerbated by medical conditions, common medications, and lifestyle habits.

Causes of Dry Mouth

More than likely, dry mouth is a sign of another issue. Sometimes, patients who take anti-histamines to fight allergies or other medications such as anti-depressants will suffer from dry mouth. Medical conditions like diabetes contribute to xerostomia as well. Both medical conditions and medication can affect the production of saliva and subsequently cause one to experience dry mouth.

Lifestyle choices such as drinking alcohol, inadequate water consumption, and smoking cigarettes also contribute to insufficient saliva production.

The Importance of Saliva
Saliva production is very important to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. We like to think of saliva as nature’s way of rinsing the mouth. Saliva can help patients swallow small particles of food and it can dilute acidic compounds, which weaken tooth enamel. Soft oral tissues such as the gums and linings of cheeks benefit from saliva production as well. It is important for these tissues to remain moist. Patients with persistent dry mouth typically have a higher incidence of gum disease and tooth decay.

Treating Dry Mouth

The first line of treating dry mouth is to evaluate a patient’s lifestyle habits. If patients drink or smoke, our dentist will likely recommend abstaining from these substances. Adequate hydration is also important. We encourage patients to drink at least 64-ounces of water daily.

Since diminished saliva affects the health of teeth and gums, patients should practice very thorough oral hygiene including daily flossing and twice-daily brushing. Scheduling regular dental cleanings and checkups will also help safeguard oral health.

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5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Neglect Your Oral Health

Posted by Colleyville Dentist on June 8, 2016 in Dental Office
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Good oral health is precious. We use our teeth every day of our lives to eat food. Our tongue and the joints on each side of the jaw help us speak with proper enunciation. When we neglect our oral health by not making regular visits to a dental office or by practicing improper oral hygiene, we put our wellbeing at great risk.

Neglecting one’s oral health can affect all the structures in the oral cavity along with greatly increasing the likelihood of developing destructive oral health conditions that will require professional treatment from a dentist. Following are five reasons why we should not neglect our oral health.

Tooth Loss

One major complication associated with neglecting one’s oral health is the loss of teeth in adulthood. When we disregard our oral health, our teeth can become badly decayed or our gums can become diseased. In severe instances, these conditions can cause tooth loss. Losing teeth is devastating and affects more than a person’s appearance. Tooth loss will negatively impact oral function, lead to bone loss, and cause depression and social anxiety.

Gum Disease

Another common condition associated with neglecting oral health is the development of gum disease. Most commonly caused by improper oral hygiene, untreated gum disease can advance into a progressive condition that destroys all the mouth’s tissues including bone and teeth.

Oral Cancer

Like many other health conditions, oral cancer is treatable when detected early on. A dentist will perform screenings for oral cancer during routine checkups. By foregoing regular checkups, oral cancer can go undetected and potentially advance into a fatal condition.

Bone Deterioration

Bone deterioration commonly afflicts those who have neglected their oral health – especially when tooth loss and periodontal (gum) disease are present. The density of our jawbones is important for supporting teeth, oral function, and a youthful appearance. Losing bone mass can have many negative effects on one’s wellbeing.

Costly Restorative Treatment

Not only does neglect lead to oral disease, treating advanced dental conditions can be very costly and invasive. Early detection typically yields conservative and wallet-friendly treatment. We strongly encourage preventive care and regular checkups to diminish the likelihood of a person developing chronic oral health problems.

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Dental Myths: All Teeth Whitening Options are the Same

Posted by Colleyville Dentist on May 9, 2016 in Teeth Whitening
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Not all teeth whitening systems are created equal – especially when one is comparing store bought products with professional treatments. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular services provided by our cosmetic dentist. This is because we provide take-home and in-office treatments that effectively brighten teeth to beautiful shades of white. Professional whitening means that tough, deep stains caused by beverages like wine or coffee and the process of aging are lifted away revealing noticeably brighter teeth.

Following is useful information about your teeth whitening options.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Professional at-home whitening is a convenient way to lighten permanent stains when you have free time. This option provides a gradual improvement of the color of teeth and is ideal for those whose teeth are exposed to staining agents on a regular basis. For instance, those who drink coffee daily or those who have not stopped smoking can benefit from at-home whitening.

The take-home system we used is called Kör Whitening. What makes Kör Whitening unique is the way the bleaching solution is handled after it is manufactured and the distinctive design of the trays, which deliver the whitening solution.

To ensure that the bleaching solution maintains its integrity and potency, the solution is refrigerated from the moment it is manufactured and delivered to our practice where it is kept cold until it is prescribed to our patients. Additionally, the custom trays that accompany this teeth whitening system effectively prevent saliva from migrating over teeth and diluting the whitening solution. With Kör Whitening, patients can achieve stunning results without causing tooth sensitivity or enamel damage.

In-Office Whitening Treatments

An in-office whitening treatment normally takes about one hour. Our team will place protective liquid dam over the gums and use a rubber-like oral appliance to hold the mouth open. Bleaching solution is then applied to the teeth. Sometimes, a special light will be used to deepen the whitening process.

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