Do dental crowns require special care?

Senior woman brushing teeth

Sometimes restorations are necessary to protect teeth from damage and prevent tooth loss. A dental crown is a special restoration that is used to cover an entire tooth. Unlike a filling, which only fills in small depressions caused by a cavity, a crown is like a cap. These restorations are permanently bonded to teeth with a cement-like compound so that patients can enjoy a durable restoration with a long lifespan. Taking care of dental crowns is very similar to caring for natural teeth. Patients will brush and floss their teeth, including crowns, as normal and receive routine cleanings and checkups with their dentist.

So what is a crown exactly?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped restoration that covers the entire tooth structure above the gum line. Since these restorations are made to fit over a specific tooth, they are custom made by technicians in a dental laboratory. Patients have options on which materials are used to fabricate a crown. Popular options are metal alloys like gold and silver (for their durability) and porcelain or porcelain fused to metal (for their natural looking appearance). Once placed, a crown will perfectly fit between teeth and restore a damaged tooth to a healthy size and shape.

Why are dental crowns needed?

Crowns may be needed for a number of reasons. Untreated tooth decay may require the use of a crown to repair a badly damaged tooth. If a cavity has reached the innermost structures of a tooth and significantly weakened tooth enamel, a crown can protect the tooth from future damage while making biting and chewing more comfortable. Crowns are also necessary when a dental injury such as a tooth fracture has occurred. Dental crowns allow patients to retain their natural tooth, even if it is damaged, thus preventing the need for extraction.

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