Tooth Restorations: How dental crowns can help


Our teeth can undergo some rough treatment in our daily lives. From chewing on the end of a pencil, to receiving a blow on the mouth; even biting down hard on a candy, a tooth can suffer damage. This damage could be a crack somewhere along the tooth’s enamel; or it could be a chip, where part of the enamel is broken off.

Dental crowns have become a popular method of preserving a tooth that has become damaged, and help to keep up the appearance of a natural, healthy smile.

Where the tooth cannot be adequately or safely repaired, or if further damage is likely, then the dentist may use dental crowns as a treatment. Dental crowns work by capping the tooth, enveloping the existing tooth’s structure in an artificial shell made of porcelain.

Some teeth might already have a filling present, and a break in the tooth could substantially weaken the tooth further, increasing the likelihood of further damage. Teeth that have multiple fillings, and those teeth which undergo root canal treatments are also likely to be capped with a dental crown. This is because multiple fillings in a single tooth can substantially weaken the tooth enough where further filling is not advised.

The porcelain used in dental crowns is a durable, semi-translucent material which helps to deliver a natural appearance by allowing light to be reflected off the tooth’s surface. The porcelain can also be shaped and shaded to provide a close match to natural teeth, aiding in the perception of a natural smile.

To prepare a tooth for a dental crown, the dentist removes a small amount of tooth enamel. Dental impressions are then taken and the crown manufactured in a dental laboratory. Once returned, the dentist cements the crown into place where it provides the necessary strength and support to the underlying remnants of the original tooth and delivers a natural appearance with no hindrance to the function or appearance of the teeth or smile.

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