Is Teeth Whitening Safe?


One of the most effective and safe cosmetic procedures that provide the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time is teeth whitening. The right product will allow you to go from drab and dull to vibrant and bright giving you a “wow” smile using either in-office or at-home treatments.

Since teeth whitening was introduced, there have been numerous ways to undergo this process:

  • Do It Yourself Products – Easily acquired at the corner drug store or on the internet, these trays, pastes, or light enhanced kits come with virtually no support or professional direction so if you have questions or run into a problem, there is no one to ask.
  • Strips – One of the earliest methods introduced for teeth whitening, you can experience slimy products that are difficult to keep in place making them uncomfortable and less effective.
  • Pastes, Rinses and Gels – Products introduced to whiten teeth with daily brushing or rinsing may feel good, but the amount of whitening realized is fairly minimal, if any.
  • Professional Whitening – There have been several bleaching and whitening products introduced with varying costs and results. One of the most successful programs now available is the KöR Whitening System.

The many advantages obtained when using the KöR Whitening System include:

  • Superior whitening as coffee, tea, and tobacco stains disappear.
  • Tetracycline stains normally not impacted by standard whitening kits are effectively treated.
  • While sensitivity is a concern for many whitening programs, KöR whitens teeth with little to no problem from the sensitivity twinges that can accompany teeth whitening.
  • Busy schedule? No problem – whether in-office is your preference or whitening in your home at your own pace works best for you, KöR Whitening System will work for you.

What makes the KöR Whitening System so different from many other whitening systems? The trays are designed to seal the whitening agent inside so sensitive gum and soft mouth tissues are not exposed. The custom trays block saliva from entering and ultimately prevent the bleaching agent from leaking into your mouth.

Your cosmetic dentist holds the key so whether you are whitening teeth in-office or at your own pace at home, the result is a whiter, brighter smile as you erase years of stain incurred from diet and lifestyle habits with the safe and effective KöR Whitening System.

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