Consequences of Tooth Loss


Tooth loss is a health condition with repercussions that are physical, emotional, and also social. To reduce or eliminate the challenges of life without a complete smile, millions of patients are choosing dental implants as the most ideal restorative option. That’s because implants are the only tooth replacement solution that can address virtually every aspect of tooth loss.

There is no denying the physical ramifications of losing even one tooth. It changes the way that you eat, it influences the foods that you choose, and it impacts the position of the remaining teeth. In more extreme cases of tooth loss, the vacancy can be responsible for some pretty dramatic changes to your outward appearance as well. As the lips, cheeks, and jaws begin to lack the proper support, the tendency for wrinkles and sagging can make you look years older.

Emotionally, tooth loss can pack a punch that you may not expect. Feelings of self-consciousness, insecurity, and personal failure can be difficult to bear. Many patients report feelings of embarrassment or depression at the thought that an important part of the body has been lost. Even when the gap left by the tooth is not visible to others, the tongue can detect the change, keeping you constantly reminded of the loss.

Most patients are also unprepared for the social impact of tooth loss. It’s common to want to conceal the mouth and teeth in social settings, and you may eventually begin to avoid social situations altogether. Even the most subtle changes in your relationships with others can translate into negative nonverbal clues that push away your loved ones, friends, and business associates.

A number of studies have been conducted to evaluate the effects of tooth loss. The results have shown that missing teeth make you look older, feel older, and reflect an unhealthy or unprofessional persona. Fortunately, you can restore your health and avoid the negative stigma of tooth loss by exploring the possibility of dental implants. Contact Anderson Dentistry at 817-485-2111 today for an appointment.