Cosmetic Dental Procedures to Enhance Your Smile

If your smile has dulled, is crooked or just in need of some TLC, then there are a range of treatments at the disposal of a cosmetic dentist in order to restore your smile back to its former glory.

It’s natural for our smiles to become dull and discolored through our day-to-day lives; drinking tea, coffee or cola-based drinks, or smoking tobacco can all take the sparkle from our teeth. So too can tooth enamel damage caused by trips and falls, or even over-vigorous brushing.

However, with a range of treatments, from teeth whitening to dental implants and porcelain veneers – not to mention innovations such as Invisalign, a cosmetic dentist is well versed in restoring a patient’s smile, whatever the reason.

Some common cosmetic dental procedures include:

  • Dental implants – involves a dentist fitting a titanium rod into the gum and affixing a permanent ceramic crown to the rod in order to replace missing teeth and preserve bite
  • Teeth whitening – involves the restoration of the teeth’s natural whiteness by bleaching away stains using bleaching agents
  • Porcelain veneers – these are individual tooth coverings that are bonded onto the patient’s existing teeth in order to conceal damage or close gaps between teeth
  • Cosmetic bonding and contouring – this treatment involves a cosmetic dentist applying a liquid resin that blends with the tooth’s natural color to rebuild the shape of a chipped or misaligned tooth
  • Invisalign – this treatment involves the use of a series of invisible aligners that help straighten misaligned teeth. Each set of Invisalign trays straighten specific teeth in order to gradually realign the smile without the need for traditional metal braces

Of course, the best course of action when considering cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile is to consult with a skilled cosmetic dentist, who can recommend the right treatments for the smile you are trying to achieve and together, you can come up with a recipe for that perfect smile!

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